Leo – Flying into the Unknown

Hello fellow scientists!  The whole process of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientists Challenge has been amazing for me so far, and I am looking forward to continuing my project and to the final competition in October. As of now, my favorite part of the Young Scientists Challenge has been designing and building my prototype. I love innovating and using my mind to solve problems, and I have done a lot of that in my project! I am constantly thinking about improving my design and fixing small errors so that I can have a well polished invention.

While it has been fun so far, parts of the process have been challenging. One of the hardest things that I have had to do is setting up the electronics for my project. I have to use Arduino to program my prototype, and I was very unfamiliar with it. I did lot of research to figure out what to do and what parts I needed. My design is very complicated, which made it time consuming and challenging to figure out what to do.

The summer mentorship has meant a lot to me and I am very thankful for my mentor, Sam Reiss. Sam connected me with other 3M scientists to collaborate with, helped me prepare for my final presentation, and has given me a ton of advice and ideas for how to improve my project. Without the mentorship, I would probably have run into a lot more problems than I did and I would not be as prepared. This opportunity has been really helpful and am very excited to show off my project.

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This is where I’m working on my prototype!


Bye for now!