Hi all! It’s Krish, and I’m here with my fifth blog post! Wow, can anyone believe that there’s less than a month till the Young Scientist Challenge Finalist event occurs? I remember July like it was yesterday- time really flies! Today, I’d like to talk about the element that was able to spark my project and enhance it to such a high level.


There’s so much to say- the 3M summer mentorship has truly been fascinating! I have benefited from the mentorship so much, and I’d just like to thank the Young Scientist Challenge for giving me the opportunity to work with so many great 3M scientists- particularly my mentor, Dr. Sahni. Without his help, I would not be able to expand this project and take it to such a significant level. This brings me to the best part of the 3M process – collaborating with my 3M mentor and other scientists and getting new ideas every time we communicate. It’s absolutely incredible. Simply by talking with my mentor for half an hour, we work together to create a substantial amount of new ideas and ways I could take this project to an even deeper and further stage.


One thing to know about me is that when I have a compelling plan that I know is capable of achieving something, I want that plan to just fulfill its purpose that same day. In other words, I can be impatient, and I just want the results of any kind of experiment to immediately arrive. However, thanks to the 3M mentorship, I was able to become more patient and I saw the meaningfulness of why it is bad to rush certain things. Many of the tests I conducted for this project took quite a while, but it all came together when the results had satisfied what I wanted. If I was impatient and pushed for certain things to happen quicker, the desired outcome may have not occurred.


I’d like to end this blog post just by emphasizing how much this 3M journey has taught me. I can proudly say that my project would not be at such a remarkable extent if it wasn’t for the 3M mentorship!


Look out for more of my blog posts!

Signing out for now,