Julia - All about Ressearching

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     Hello there!  Welcome to my fourth blog post, “All about Research.” 

     Over the summer I’ve been doing a lot of research on many different parts of my project, an alginate gel to fill holes in the gum resulting after tooth extractions, including: materials, past similar solutions, problems occurring with the empty hole in your gum that used to be filled with a tooth, adhesives, double syringes, and alginate gels. 

     To get started on a project you should know what similar things exist already, what materials might be useful, and the environment in that your project is going to be used.  You should also make sure to keep your research organized, that way it’s easier to find information when you need it. 

     I think the hardest part about gathering information was trying to find the right words to put into the search bar, especially when I was searching up similar products, that already exist, to my idea.   A lot of times I would search something up and the only things that would show up were tooth ache relievers or sutures. 

     However, I did find a few products that are sort of like my gel, but most only attempt to relieve pain.  Most don't help to lessen risk of infection or irritation.   The closest product to my gel that I found was a dental wound dressing that you squeeze onto the empty hole in your gum that you have after a tooth is pulled.  It helps to relieve pain and manage the wound, but you must reapply it every so often and it doesn't prevent irritation.

     Research and gathering information plays a very important role in coming up a solution to a problem because it shows you similar things others have done, gives you ideas as to what things may be helpful, and allows you to better understand the problem you’re solving.  By researching I've gathered more knowledge and I feel more confident that what I'm working on for my project is original and helpful to millions of kids.