Theo- Why I Entered The Challenge

Hi there,

This is my first blog post, and I’m going to be writing about the whole process of entering the challenge. For me, the whole process of making a submission to the 3M Young Scientist Challenge has been a great experience. From first hearing about the challenge to making a submission, the entire process has been a blast. In the beginning, I didn’t really expect to become a finalist, given how amazing the things the people from past were, and I just wanted to make something cool and learn from it. As the project progressed along ,though, I started to feel really good about my the product.

When the time came to make the video, I actually had to do a lot of research, because I had made little inventions and gadgets before, but had never had to document them. The hardest part of the video, in my opinion, were the visuals. I had no idea how to design a visual, and so I had to experiment with many apps and websites for circuit diagrams before I realized that PowerPoint was actually the best.

I submitted my entry in January, actually relatively early for the majority, so the wait for me seemed a bit longer. Fortunately, I did have other things then (auditions for high school bands and placement tests) to keep me occupied. But as the announcement date came closer and closer, I got more and more anxious, and when I heard that I was a finalist, I was really happy. My family and friends were all really supportive of me, and all were happy for me when the news came. I plan to have a great time and learn a lot from this challenge, and if I win in the end, I would be extremely happy.