Gitanjali - Reflecting on My Journey

Hello Fellow Scientists,

I cannot believe we only have a couple weeks to go before we all meet each other in St Paul! Here is my final video blog reflecting my journey.

I am really looking forward to the final event and I want to just have fun as I go through these last few weeks leading up to the finals. I am making a conscious effort to keep focused on the ideas I want to share with you all, get to know you all and gain some life-long friends. I also want to forget the part that it is a competition and there will be just one grand prize winner. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity provided by Discovery Education and 3M and I’ll treasure these memories.

I cannot wait to tour the center, learn about different 3M products, and most of all, meet my mentor and each and every single one of you in person!

Thanks for reading my blogs and following my summer journey . Thanks to all those who helped me along the way and helped me reach here .