Austin - Communication, collaboration, teamwork

Hello fellow scientists,

Developing a network of prominent scientists and engineers over the summer was the best part of my YSC journey!  The opportunity to connect with leaders in the field helped me think about my prototype in more detail.   My mentor, Dr. Mahfuza Ali introduced me to Becky Kummeth, 3M Process Development Chemist, Phil Tuma, 3M immersion cooling expert and 3M scientist Tim Hebrink, solar enthusiast who lived off grid for twelve years and offered valuable insight into my project.  I am grateful for them taking the time to help me.

I developed relationships this summer with leaders in alternative energy including John Hill at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Scott Sousa at SUNation, Long Island, and Marvin Talbert at SolarWorld, Oregon, who put me in contact with Water Mission International.  If you would like to learn how this organization is helping solve the water crisis with solar, see These connections are helping my ideas to grow each day!  

I finished the improvements on my project and I tested my design in the field, giving me more valuable insight into future advancements.  Faced with obstacles and disappointments I learned to be more resilient and open to trying new things.  This has helped me grow as a scientist.


Being a part of the YSC during the summer of the total solar eclipse and the devastation of two of the largest hurricanes in history has been remarkable.  While I watch the destruction caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma I wonder what natural disasters we will face in the future?  At what point will the harmful effects of global warming be irreversible?  Will we implement renewable energy sources in time?  NASA is trying to educate the public. To research what NASA says about Climate Change see 

Until next time,

Austin Crouchley