Rithvik - Can't say research without search!

Hello everyone,

It’s me, Rithvik! I’m back again with my 1st video blog post.

For this past few days, I have been doing tons of detailed research on my topic. I thought it would be a great idea to talk to you about what I personally learned about researching firsthand.

In the past research sometimes became very frustrating. I would feel like I am not getting anywhere, and my curious reading of any related information that I could find just wouldn’t add up. However, with lots of determination, I was able to understand that with just organization, this elusive inefficiency faded away.

Now when I do research, I make sure to try to organize and connect my ideas as much as possible. This leads to more effective and stronger information, and also even helps you formulate a solution to the problem faster.

I believe it is impossible to completely solve a problem without sufficient research. A good solution typically emerges from a meet between prior experiences and new research in my opinion. Think of research as a car. When you’re traveling from place to place, yeah, you can walk, but your research “car” is going make it a whole lot faster.

A common mistake I made was thinking that the clock correlated to how much research I was doing. I make the judgment of when I think I am ready to move on based on how firm of a grip I have on the topic. I need to be able to completely support my project with a solid informational backbone. Remember, you can never do too much research.


Thanks for reading and watching, and always remember:

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose” ~ Zora Hurston