Laalitya - Brainstorming!

Hello all!

This week I have been working on narrowing down my problems,and finalizing a problem! I had many problems to brainstorm and even though I would love to be able to create 20 different innovations to solve each problem, I as a scientist, need to narrow it down.  

Let’s discuss brainstorming first. Ever since i was a kid, I’ve always thought of brainstorming as a tornado of thoughts just swirling around your brain. It is a creative process, where you shouldn’t throw any idea out! Write the thought as soon as it comes to your brain, so that you remember the idea as another one comes to the front of your mind! This storm of thinking was what started my journey. Then I looked through my brainstorms and saw which problems were feasible given the time and resources - not to mention my passion!

Then I had to narrow it down to the top 3. My criteria for narrowing down was how large of a problem is and where can I make an innovation that can really impact the world. Below is my video of my selection process and specifically how I narrowed down my ideas.

In the end, I really felt that I wanted to do continue my current invention with some modifications, The inspiration for my first invention came from a trip to India and I feel as though in this innovation as well, a desire to help others will be a driving factor in making my sketches come to life! My next steps will be to find some fitting solutions, for my top 3 problems and while it can seem a daunting task at first but armed with inspiration, creativity, a fantastic mentor and science, I know that I can solve this problem!

Speaking of problem solving, let’s talk about some amazing problem solvers, 3M inventors. I think that they have such amazing innovations because of a spark of inspiration and the want to solve a problem. They keep on trying ideas, are not worried to go back to the design boards, and if they see a road block, they plow through it with their passion. A failure with learning out of it must not be a hindrance to innovation journey!

I’ve had a few meetings with my mentor already and the mentorship is going amazing. Dr. Ali  and I are working on finalizing my idea at the moment!

See you soon!

Laalitya Acharya