Laalitya - Almost my 1 year Surgery Anniversary!

Hello everyone!

This week is 1 year since my MPFL Reconstruction Arthroscopic surgery! I had dislocated my knee during dance in November 2015 and then again in July 2016. At the second dislocation, my doctors’ thought that knee surgery was the most effective solution for me. A month later, I was coming out of my knee surgery. Before my injury, during my recovery and even today while researching my project, I see how much research has impacted our lives. Many people think that research is boring, but it is not - it is interesting and useful!! For example, during all of my knee dislocations, physical therapies and surgery, the doctors’ used previous research on knee dislocations to analyze the best solution for me. After surgery, it was research on certain pharmaceutical drugs that helped keep the pain at bay! Studies in human anatomy was what the physical therapists used to help my recovery. It was research that has allowed me to get better and back on my feet again. I will always feel very thankful to all the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, researchers and more who have helped me get back to my normal life! Research isn’t just in far away labs and always about topics that could never impact you, it is always around us!

As I researched on my topic, I also thought about how we are blessed to have access to so many resources. I was so glad to have access to materials and sources to be able to scour for information on anything and everything that I can find about energy! At this point when the librarians see me they just point towards the physics and electrical engineering section! I am so passionate about these topics, so this research has been very interesting for me! And while it is a lot more hands-on during the prototyping and testing phase, research sets the backbone so that you know what to develop/what data to collect and what/how to test. Like all things from construction to education, if one does not have a good foundation, development/testing may not yield better result. Research and design provides us with that edge. See my second video blog about researching below to get some tips.

Currently, my research has been wrapped up, and while it was sometimes frustrating to not be able to find every bit of information, that I needed, I have learned a ton and I have found a lot of new data along with all the information that I wanted to have in the first place!!

On one more scientific note, wasn't everyone so excited for the solar eclipse? It had been almost 100 years since there was a full solar eclipse in America! The solar eclipse is an amazing natural phenomenon and I am so excited that I was able to view it at an age where I understand it all! My dad and I are both space and astronomical fanatics so we loved watching the eclipse from our Telescope (with proper eye protection!).

….signing off!

 - Laalitya Acharya