Kate - Wasted Water: A Problem to Focus On

Hello Scientists!

After narrowing down my list of problems to just three last week, picking one problem to focus on has been surprisingly easy. I did some in-depth research on my three problems, and what I wanted to focus on immediately became clear.

Water waste is a huge problem in the US and all over the world. We are running out of fresh water quickly, and from waste in the US to inaccessibility in third world countries, water affects everyone on Earth.

So in the end, there were two main factors that influenced my decision. First, I wanted to tackle the issue that affected the most people. This was important to me because one of the reasons for innovation is to help the most people, whether it be with basic necessities or leisure.

Second, it was important that the problem I chose was something I could see in my everyday life, not only for testing, but also to see change in my direct community.

The latter factor is what led me to focus on lawns, as over-watering is a huge problem in my community. Even just walking through my neighborhood or local parks in the summer, I can see water from grass running down sidewalks and creating puddles.

Access to a 3M scientist has been a huge help to me so far. Sometimes just talking out my thoughts is helpful, and gives me good insight on where I want to go next, or what I need to change.

My mentor has also been a big aid in keeping me on schedule, and giving me a good idea of how to spend my time. She even pointed me to many great resources to use.  (Thank you Dr. Dailey!).

I am happy with what I have accomplished up to this point, as it is an important part of the scientific process, but I am even more excited for the future. Now that I have narrowed down a problem to focus on and researched it, I am ready to start brainstorming solutions, then prototyping and testing!

Until Next Time,