Austin - Solar Energy Efficiency


Hello, Young Scientists!

The sun delivers more energy to the earth in a few hours than humanity consumes over the course of an entire year!  I continue to be excited about the possibilities that exist for our future energy needs.  Finding ways to make solar energy more efficient and cost effective is the most important issue facing the future of solar energy.  My project focuses on inventing new solutions to harness the energy of the sun.  Helping to make solar panels more efficient can help alleviate energy poverty around the globe and make solar energy more affordable and accessible to everyone.

I have been busy researching 3M products and investigating how these products can help bring my innovation to life.  Scientists and inventors at 3M have developed revolutionary products to help make solar energy more efficient, reliable, and durable. Not only has it been exciting to learn about these products, it has given me a better understanding and appreciation of solar energy technologies and materials science.  I have learned a lot about 3M solar light optimization products, their innovative flexible solar films and their specialty adhesives that have been specifically developed for solar energy applications. I am grateful for the guidance of my mentor, Dr. Mahfuza Ali.  She has provided me with the support and guidance I need to develop my ideas further.


This week I visited the Tanglewood Preserve and The Center for Science Teaching and Learning.  I also visited Robert Moses State Park which is the first energy neutral park in the nation!  Visiting these places and learning about their solar energy projects has been a great experience and has been helpful for my research.  Everyone should take advantage of resources near their homes to become more aware of important topics in their communities.

Stay Tuned,