Allie - A Problem, with Problems

“You got a problem with that?”


Identifying problems is not very difficult for me. I see problems everywhere all the time, and I wish I had time to solve them all! I already have a few new problems, and solution ideas, I'm waiting to work on next.

Recently when I served as a student ambassador for other youth invention competitions, the number one question I was asked was,

“How do you come up with a problem you want to solve?”

This seemed to be the largest issue my classmates had this year in school, during our invention unit too.

Thus I have identified that choosing a problem, is a problem that stands in the way for other kids and their teachers, when starting innovation or invention projects. 

This is why I am using this week's blog post as an opportunity to share my thought process when finding problems, to help other kids find problems to solve too. You also get to peek at some of my other innovations/inventions and see what other problems I chose to solve when innovating/inventing.

Some of my projects are complicated and took months of work, like my Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge innovation of the Blow Dart Spirometer. Other projects took very little time to make at all. Yet all of them solved a problem I had, and all of them have actually gotten recognition.

I am so grateful to be learning so much from my Discovery Education 3M Scientist experience. I want to pass on how my thought process works, when finding problems to solve.