Tip Tuesday: Celebrate Black History Month Young Scientist Style!

It's Black History Month! Join us as we highlight African American scientists who use STEM to improve our world. We will honor their accomplishments and look to their innovative spirits for inspiration.

Let's kick things off with one of 3M's own corporate scientist, Dr. Olester Benson, who invented energy-saving microscopic prisms that bend light to make the screens of your cellphone, laptop and TV look brighter and more colorful!

When describing his career, Dr. Benson said, "The life of a scientist is one of challenges and obstacles. The real scientist who succeeds is the one who learns to persevere."

Watch this video to hear more about the life of a scientist!

Perseverance is very important to your Young Scientist Challenge project, too. Stay determined and keep your eyes on the finish line!

Submit your entry before the April 19th, 2017 deadline.

"You are the future; today's curiosity will lead to tomorrow's innovation, so never stop asking the question, "What if?" - Dr. Olester Benson.

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