Tip Tuesday: Spark Creativity with our Thought-Starters

How Will You Use Science to Improve Lives?

3M is committed to using science to improve lives and we want entrants to share that same passion. While the endless possibilities of scientific innovation can be exciting, it may seem difficult to focus on a singular problem. However, that is a major key to success in the Young Scientist Challenge.

To help you, we have created a list of thought-starters and question prompts to get you thinking about a few different categories of innovation. Check out some examples, below.

What kind of technologies or solutions might...

  • improve the efficiency of production at minimal cost? (CATEGORY: Manufacturing)
  • provide electricity to underdeveloped countries? (CATEGORY: Energy)
  • detect and alert people of the likelihood of an accident happening? (CATEGORY: Safety)
  • perform diagnostics without the use of modern technology? (CATEGORY: Healthcare)
  • make transportation easier without automation? (CATEGORY: Transportation)
For a full list of thought-starters, click here.

You are encouraged to consider one of these topic areas or come up with your own. Once you have identified the problem you would like to solve, grab an empty notebook to be your YSC Idea Notebook. Keep it with you at all times so you can jot down your thoughts as they come!

Remember, there is no such thing as a bad idea. So, let your creativity run wild.

Start your entry, today!

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