SARA MAKBOUL - Final Touches & an Awesome 3M Product

Hey fellow scientists, it's Sara and I'm back with another video!

As my summer mentornship comes to a close I am focusing on finishing my presenttion with the help of my mentor and constantly practicing to make sure I have it all down. My protoype is finally ready and I was able to fix all the small technical difficulties that had come up.

I really enjoyed adapting and learning about many 3M technologies I had never even heard about before! Recently, I visited the TintGuy, a certified 3M dealer of 3M window films and I got the opportunity to learn about these films and see an interesting demo. I'd like to thank Chris Robison and his crew for the experience and you can check out the demo down below in the 3rd episode of Science & Sara!




Unitll next time,

Sara :)