Sara Makboul - 3 Amazing Months!

Hello everyone,

It's Sara Makboul again, back with a new video blog post and the 4th episode of Science & Sara! More importantly though it's the last week before the final event and I can't wait! I'm just thinking, "Let's do this"! Looking back at the past 3 months I can't belive how much I have learned with my mentor and how much my simple starting idea of an invention has grown to become this awesome and working reality. In my final video below I take the time to reflect on this life-changing oppurtunity and I also buzz a little about my excitment for next week, haha!! Anyways enjoy the video and thanks agian for watching!




P.S., Don't forget:

"You can't change the world, until you start working to change the world." ~Sara Makboul