Rohit Mital - Problems and Solutions

There are so many problems in our world that need solving. From the hugest global problems like lack of energy, food, and water, to the smallest everyday nuisances like poor binder design, running out of pencils, and more. 

Looking around for those that affect me the most is an interesting process, because I’m blessed enough to say that I don’t have any everyday problems aside from a few nuisances every now and then. This does pose a problem because I can’t find things to choose from.        

So when the time comes to choose a problem to research and come up with a solution to, it’s tough to narrow the list of possibilities down to a few, let alone choose one. I’m usually a somewhat indecisive person, and when I’m faced with so many plausible options for something like now, it’s tough for me to come up with one choice.  Luckily though, I think I have a decent idea in mind because I want to continue my current project.

Here I am complaining about the difficulty of one minor task such as this, when there are people who do this their whole lives, like 3M scientists. This process of identifying and solving a problem must be especially tough for 3M scientists, because of the importance, scale, and specificity of their work. Still, they are probably motivated by their passion for their work, creativity, and the knowledge that their work affects people’s lives. One day, I want to be as motivated, skilled, and just as good of a worker as they all are, and I think this competition could really be a step towards that.