Rohit Mital - Looking Deeper

We, as scientists, have a duty to solve problems.

To solve these problems, we must know what they are, and that's why we do research. Research is a crucial part to any science project or experiment, because you can't solve anything without knowing what it is. This is especially true when you're in a situation like I am, where you basically know absolutely nothing about what you're working with. 

Personally, I love research, because it's interesting to learn about this new topic. I love seeing how new information that comes into my brain combines with other pieces of information to spark ideas and solutions. Also, when researching, since so much new information is coming in at once, it forces you to slow down and organize yourself, so you don't mix everything up and get confused. It can be difficult because it causes me to focus on one area and decide what path I take with regards to the project. It's the most difficult part of research for me but it's really important to do that, to hone in on a specific part of a topic. 

Another thing that varies and makes research a bit tougher is knowing how much information you need. I just prefer to gather as much information on my topic as possible, because I get to have everything laid out in front of me. Then, when I decide what I'm going to try for my solution, I can ignore anything I don't need to use.

Research, in the end, can be frustrating at times but is a necessary part of any good science project, and it will really take you and your project forward.