Rohan Wagh-Week 2

Hello everybody and welcome to my second blog post!

Wow, what a week it has been. I can't believe it's already been two weeks, it felt like just yesterday that the first call arrived. I am so excited to get started with my project. I have decided to continue working on my original idea and make it better. I can already think of so many ideas to improve my project. I am confident that if I continue to improve my model, it could be more than a science project and one day be a viable commercial product. I really enjoyed working with my project as it met my goal of making a difference in the energy crisis, introduced me to a wide range of new scientific ideas, and provided many different problems for me to solve.

I believe that 3M scientists are some of the best problem solvers and innovators. Having the opportunity to work with a 3M scientist is absolutely amazing.  I am so excited to continue to work with my 3M mentor, Dr. Dailey, on my project. Every day, 3M scientists and inventors continue to improve the lifestyles of people around the world. Any problem that we face today provides inspiration to 3M scientists, these problems motivate the inventors to create innovative solutions! I am enjoying working with my mentor and it' s a great learning experience. 

Until next time,

Rohan Wagh