Rohan Wagh - Creating Ideas

Hello everyone,

Recently I visited San Diego and Los Angeles in sunny California. I had a great time and enjoyed surfing and visiting the amusement parks in LA. While on vacation I couldn’t help but see how much different scientific inventions have affected our world. From something as simple as bottled water, to advanced systems that choreograph the light shows at the parks, our world has clearly been shaped by the scientists of today.

As I drove through the sunny cities of San Diego and Los Angeles, I realized how different areas in different climates use their environments to produce energy. In Southern California, many houses had solar panels to maximize the extreme sunlight that is constantly shining on the cities. In the northwest, throughout Oregon and Washington, wind power would better suit the environment. In the high mountain ranges such as the cascades or coastal ranges, many wind turbine farms are built on top of rolling hills. In areas that have high geothermal activity, geothermal plants are built. Near high current waterways, turbines and dams are built to harness the water power. Almost every environment can be a good source of energy if used properly.

For my project, I have decided to harness the power of marsh environments using a fuel cell. By improving upon my original design, a more efficient MFC could be created.

I have found so many useful 3M products that I can incorporate into my project. The span of innovations made by 3M scientists is extremely large and diverse. From tape to car paint the list is extremely long.

I would like to thank my mentor for all the help so far in my journey through the challenge.

Until next time,

Rohan Wagh