Amelia Day - Invention Design 2.0

Hello again!

These past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on making observations about the world around me, determining what problems are the root of these observations and then picking my top three issues from those. Though I’ve decided to stick with the invention that I’ve already been working on, this process has actually been really informative. While narrowing down my problems to the top three was fairly simple (It’s very difficult to get good pinpoint training on soccer kicking accuracy, blind and deaf people take a long time to recover from a stroke or an accident, many blind children in poor countries don’t have opportunities to learn how to read braille), I’ve been able to gain some insight on the specific problems that my invention is trying to solve, and also have had some ideas of problems that I would like to solve in the future. My invention addresses the first two of these three problems.

As far as my invention’s progress, I’ve actually come quite far in just the short time of a week. I was having some circuitry issues, but I just recently found the problem, and am working on fixing it currently. Since my solution involved replacing a broken piece of circuitry (my pressure sensor) that was inside the soccer ball itself, I made a decision. Instead of just replacing the piece, preventing the problem, and patching the ball back up, I’m going to use a new ball and start working on the Press-Sure Soccer Ball 2.0! I am not going to be replacing the pole or the tether, I’m just substituting the soccer ball for a different one and making some more complicated changes to the circuitry.

The main part I’m going to be adding in is a Raspberry Pi 3. These are used for many different causes, but in my case, I’m going to be doing some physical computing. I’m hoping to implement it into the circuit and have it send a signal using its Bluetooth feature to Bluetooth earbuds or headphones when the pressure sensor is pressed down. This feature could help with the potential therapy application of my project, and even though it will be difficult, making this change will be well worth it. I’ll be keeping my blog updated on my new developments regarding these changes.

I’m really enjoying my summer mentorship so far, and can’t wait for the rest! Wish me luck!
- Amelia