Greetings fellow science enthusiasts!

This week, I’ve made lots of progress towards developing my innovation! 

First, I considered what doctors need to know in order to prescribe the correct drug. They need to know a patient’s genetic mutations and how those mutations will affect the patient’s response.

In order to know the patient’s mutations, doctors need to use a computer problem solving procedure, known as an algorithm, to find these mutations in a genome. Why is this such a huge problem? In a six billion letter long genome, finding one mutation isn't like finding a needle in a haystack - it's like finding a needle in a whole barn of hay!

All that is the very least of it - this computer algorithm needs to find mutations quickly, or else patients in emergency situations will be unable to receive the correct drug when they need it. That’s where my future innovation will come in!

I have a long journey ahead of me, but I’m extremely excited to develop my idea into a world-changing innovation with a 3M scientist motivated to solve everyday problems and make life better for people.
That’s all for now. Remember,  “Do stuff and be curious!”

Signing off,