Make Something!

by Kim Moldofsky, The Maker Mom

President Obama hosted the first White House Science Fair in 2010, but he didn’t stop there. In 2014 he went on to create the first White House Maker Faire.

A Maker Faire is a celebration of innovation, an explosion of STEAM (STEM + Art). Maker Faires showcase creative innovations that may have practical applications or may simply be appreciated for their aesthetic appeal or entertainment value. For example, a visitor might encounter cars that look like cupcakes, a life-sized game of Mousetrap, real-life Transformer robots, or racing drones. They might also learn to solder, build circuits out of dough, print an item on a 3D printer or be one of the first to see the latest in consumer technology.

The San Francisco Bay area and New York City host America’s largest and most elaborate Maker Faires, but you might be able to catch a Mini Maker Faire in your area.

The National Week of Making

Along with the launch of the White House Maker Faire, President Obama started a new tradition, The National Week of Making. This year it will take place June 17-23. The week itself, which runs Friday to Thursday, is scheduled with the quirky charm of a Maker Faire.

The #WeekofMaking is designed to celebrate tinkerers, inventors and entrepreneurs of all ages. Of course, there will be a National Maker Faire, but it will take place on June 18 and 19 at the University of the District of Columbia Van Ness Campus rather than at the White House. The DC event is poised to become our country’s third flagship Faire.

Celebrate at Home

You don’t need to head to DC for maker fun.  You can play along at home. Share your projects, insights, and commitment to being a part of the Nation of Makers. Nominate someone as a Champion of Change, an American who works to advance technology and educational opportunities.

If your school is still in session, turn your classroom into a temporary makerspace. What better way to use up remaining (and not quite complete sets) of school supplies? If school is out, connect with a local library or makerspace to celebrate and help foster a Nation of Makers. Share your event here, or find something near you! 

Personal commitments are welcome, too. Tackle an electronics project, build yourself a new bookshelf, embroider that scarf you intended to finish over Winter Break. Check out InstructablesDIY KidsMake Magazine or Pinterest for inspiration and get busy making!

Join the national Maker Movement by submitting your project here.