Peter - Too Much, Too Little Time.

Hey guys, this is my last blog post, so that's kind of sad :( But I've had an AWESOME experience this summer with my 3M mentor, John.

My favorite part... Well it's hard to say, everything I learned was so cool! But, my favorite parts would have been my weekly calls with my mentor, it was so fun to come to him every week and tell him about a change I made, or some goofy mistake I made.

What I learned about innovation this summer, YOU CANNOT DO EVERYTHING BY YOURSELF! There were about 1,000,000 things that I tried to cram into my head this summer about weight ditrabution, center or gravity, Poison's ratio, Lame ratio, mass density, yield strength etc. etc. ETC.! And I still didn't learn nearly enough! One of the biggest problems I had, was that I didn't know where to look to find the information on the problem I needed to solve. It was so helpful to have my mentor John, and when I would run into "such and such" problem, he could say "Oh, take a look at this..." and instead of just telling me the answer, I could learn it for myself.

If I could re-do my summer, I wouldn't change a thing, it was really spectacular, and I had a blast.

Now that I'm waiting for the final event, it's really nerve-racking, I know for sure that I had waaaay to much stuff for my presentation, and it was really hard knowing what, and what not to put in, I hope I won't regret missing something. Despite this, I'm still really excited to go to the 3M Innovation Center, it sounds like a really cool place, where I'll have a lot of fun.

This is Peter signing off, hope to be in Minnesota soon.