Iris- Looking Back

Hi everyone, Iris here.

The best part of the process so far has been getting in touch with a few experts who are extremely knowledgeable in my topic. My mentor got me in touch with 3 different experts. When I had my first call with them, I was very nervous talking to an expert for the first time. I had earlier prepared presentations to explain my project and a list of questions for the expert. But after talking to them for a few minutes, they put me at ease, and I was comfortable talking to them. I was very relaxed for my next couple calls.

Also, last week I got an opportunity to visit a lab which specializes on topics relating to my project. It was huge lab, with many floors, and the hallways were filled with freezers which held chemicals. There were huge inventories with different beakers and tubes, and closets with latex gloves and lab coats. In the lab, I saw many other scientists with lab coats working in other parts of the lab. I also saw many benches filled with chemicals, just like in some of the TV shows I watch. A scientist was able to show me different types of cells through a microscope, and it was really cool. I saw some cancer cells, which were very crowded and looked like specks of dust, and other cells, which were very colorful.

All in all, my project has been going well, but I wish I were able to get into a lab and test my product. By participating in the summer mentorship program with a 3M scientist, I have really expanded on my understanding on how scientists work, the scientific process that must be undergone and the considerations involved while innovating. And looking back at all the research I’ve done, I have found that every piece of information that I thought might not be critical for my project has contributed in some way.

Thanks for reading!