Peter - Figuring out the details to the milimeter

Hey guys, Peter here with my fourth blog post!

In this past week, I've gone back to my 3D modeling to create my innovation. I've learned that it's hard to make things like springs, because they spiral. I've tried a couple new 3D modeling programs, some of which are genuine and others I just can't use. I discovered this cool CAD program called SketchUp. So you first create 2D objects, then you extrude them into 3D. It's really cool! 3D printers can print your models to the exact milimeter! I don't know about you, but I think that's really awesome.

My researching is going well too, I've learned tons of stuff about science, like the fact that baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can both be used as a bleach. For me, the hardest thing about doing research is that I get distracted easily. So say I'm watching a YouTube video, I'd be one of those guys who sees another interesting video thumbnail, or a cool ad, then clicks on it and will be interested in that for an hour, before I remember what I'm really suppossed to be doing. I have lots of cool science behind my invention, and a lot of it is mechanical, so I can't wait to research that.

I feel although if a scientist weren't organized, and had everything planned out, it would be really hard for them. When I wake up everyday, I wonder what I'm going to do today, and immediately what pops into me head is "Work on young scientist challenge" so I'm like, okay, but then, where do I start? So maybe I'll do some research, but then what next? Then what? If I don't have everything planned out then I spend WAY too much time thinking about what I should be doing, instead of doing it.