Iris - Continuing the Journey

Hello, Iris here. For the past week, I had been making lists of pros and cons trying to finally narrow down my ideas to one. I had narrowed down my ideas to 3 that have a major impact on a ton of people. I had an extremely hard time choosing, because I knew I had to be eager to solve the problem I chose to move forward with. After hours of thought, I decided to pick the problem that personally affects me – allergies.

I have recently been going back to the basics and thoroughly researching allergies. I have decided to focus on airborne allergens, because I found that more and more allergy sufferers suffer from airborne allergies each year.

Once again, my mentor, Dr. Raha Been is very encouraging, and has been discussing with me how to move my idea forward. We have also made a structured plan on what to work each week, which helps me be tremendously organized, because I know what I want to accomplish. Dr. Been has also got me in touch with various experts on topics relating to my project, and has provided me with helpful links as well.

I have had many discussions with my mentor, and I think my project is moving forward at a good pace. I have yet to contact an expert and continue with my experiments. Though I have completed many aspects of my project, I have a long way to go, and still so many ideas!

Signing off,