Iris- And the Research Continues...

Hi Everyone,

As this week continues, I have been doing a tremendous amount of research for my project. I think I now have a vast knowledge on the basic components of the materials I will be using in my projects. My idea is novel, so it is quite difficult finding papers about this topic, however, the technology I am planning to use is an up-and-coming technology, so I am sure new literature is being published every week.

I think the research is 40% of a project and is essential to innovate. Because of my researching, I now have the background necessary to come up with ideas and come up with ways to solve them. However, a lot of times, I find reading the scientific article is difficult because these articles use lots of terms and experimental setup which I am unfamiliar with. I have found that published PowerPoint presentations are much easier to understand than papers.

Staying organized is extremely important for scientists. I think by tracking ideas over time, and citing research is helpful when they need to refer to it. Having various documents with all my ideas has helped me stay organized, and I can find things when I need them. For my project, gathering information and research is a huge chunk of my project.

Thanks for reading,