Conner--Building My Prototype

Hi everyone! Conner here.

The best part of the process so far has been building my prototype. It feels good to build something on my own and say that it's mine. Still, even though it was very fun to build, it was probably the hardest part too. Due to the fact that my innovation involves a lot electrical engineering, it made it hard to construct my prototype. 

My mentor has helped a lot though. So far, my mentor helped with creating and developing new ideas. Benton has also helped a lot by giving me ideas for what 3M products to include in my prototype. It's not only about the help that he has provided. He has provided me with more knowledge than I could ever wish for, on the process a scientist has to go through to be successful.

Thank everyone for their support, specifically 3M, Discovery  Education, and my mentor, Benton a Free. I am so excited for the final competition and to meet the other finalists.