Peter - Picking The Challenge

     Research. There is no end to it, or controlling it. I have one of those personalities where when I research something, I just keep going. Every time I found a new problem, I would research it for hours, wondering whether there was some clever way to solve it. With every minute that passed by, my body would get more and more tired, and hungry, until finally my mom would tell me to stop it and make me eat food. It's not that I don't like eating, it's that problems are so engrosing, and that there are so many of them, that you can just sink your enitre life into them. So you can imagine how hard it was for me to bring my list of "favorite" problems down to 3. I've looked and looked, and with every problem that I find, I either had to put it on the maybe list, or the no list.

     I never thought that I would find so many cool inventions that  I didn't even know existed, this truly is a unique experience to be in the Young Scientist Challenge. I've found so many awesome little inventions. Portable collinders that collapse and expand like an accordion, lenses that you can put on your iPhone, baseball caps that have a fan on the brim, with solar panels to power the fan and cool you off, shoes that generate electricity when you run, and many many more. I've learned all sorts of new quirky awesome little facts, like the fact that Canada has less gravity than everywhere else, or that on some sea shores the tides glow with a beautifiul luster of light called bioluminescence.

     To prepare for the scientific "tasks" (whenever I say that I think of Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire =P), I've been reading these books called "The Way Things Work" and "The Way We Work" I've learned a ton of stuff about mechanical science, and even if I already know a lot of it, it's always good to review. I've also been watching these videos that are SUPER HELPFUL by a YouTube channel called Crash Course. After a day of long researching I can always just lay down in my bed and watch some Crash Course for a couple of hours. 

     I don't know how 3M scientists can get ANY work done, with all these problems that they can research, my self control would simply crumple with all the possible research that I could do. But despite all my research, I do think that I'm close to finding my Goldi-Locks problem.