Conner-A Companion Worth Saving

When trying to find a problem in my everyday life, I started to look in the news. I knew that the news would be useful because they always talk about current issues and problems like flooding, natural disasters, etc. This was one reason I chose my problem because it was in the news; showing me that my problem was current and real.

I first heard a story on the news about a dog dying from heat exhaustion in a hot car. I later did some further research and found many more stories about dogs dying in parked cars. I also started to see if my problem was present within my community. I asked people in my neighborhood if they had heard of or experienced a dog dying from heat stroke. To my surprise, many people had a dog die from heat exhaustion or heard of a dog dying from heat exhaustion. Lastly, I wanted to see if my family had heard of the issue. They eventually told me that three of their close friends had lost a dog to a hot car. From observing national, community, and family issues, I became aware that this problem was more of an issue than I had originally thought. This motivated me even more to help all the families that had lost their dog.

When I had narrowed my possible problems to solve down to three, it wasn't that hard to pick my favorite one because I had  my best one in mind before. Helping save dying dogs felt very important to solve and provided me more facts during research. This problem meant a lot to me because I love animals and it also provided me a great way to show my scientific ability because my solution involves many scientific principles.

I think that many 3M scientists are motivated to help solve daily problems because these problems may connect to them somehow. For example, I heard in the news that some dogs have Mega-Esophagus which makes it difficult for a dog to swallow, leading to death. A person had a dog with this disease which died. He wanted to fix this problem because it meant something to him, and he wanted to help save other dogs with the same problem so they wouldn't have to suffer like his dog did.