Alec-Beginning the Competition

When I heard about this competition from my science teacher at school, it sounded like a great opportunity; I was excited about an opportunity to get a new mentor to help me and advise me, get acess to resources to build my project, and to compete. Before submitting my video, I almost clicked on the submit button several times - then stopped, wondering if I could change anything to make it better. Waiting to hear if I was a finalist was quite anxiety provoking at first; however, after a little while, for better or worse, preperation for finals in school took my mind off it.

Hearing I was a finalist was quite exciting: first, my dad got a voicemail from the competition director saying that she had exciting news for me, but it was not until she told me I was a finalist that I finally stopped holding my breath. My parents were very excitied and my grandparents congratulated me by phone. Anyways, I am looking forward to building my project - it should be really cool.