Peter - Rolling Up to the Challenge!

For the past couple weeks, ever since I received my "You're a finalist" call, I've been researching to come up with a new invention. So far, I've got a couple leads, but nothing solid. The whole reason I entered the contest was because whenever I visited my grandmother, if we went out shopping, she'd always be so greatful for me carrying in the groceries, and I realized that it was really hard for her. Then an idea sprang into my mind, what if she had something on her railing... like a handle or something maybe, to get up the stairs! And thus The Helping Hand was born. My original idea to help my grandma was a pully-type system something like the picture above, but it didn't turn out well.

I am super excited to be working with my mentor, he seems like an awesome guy! Hopefully he'll be great at helping guide me through this summer! I think no matter what I invent, or if I use my old innovation, then I am going to have a blast this summer!