Conner-A Passion for Science

It all started at school when my science teacher gave us the assignment to create an innovation that made an impact in the world. My entire class was supposed to later present their innovation to the class through video. My original idea involved saving the millions of birds that die in window crashes every year, but I eventually got inspired by my own dogs. While parked at a local sports store with both my dogs, the car began to get hotter and hotter as time progresseed. My dogs began panting frantically after about ten minutes which made me worried. When we got home, I started to research the dangers of overheating vehicles and the results were suprising. I found that many dogs die every year from over-heated cars; so I set out to fix this problem. With an idea that I was passionate about and a solution that was realistic, I felt ecstatic that I could share my idea with 3M. With that, I entered the contest. 

Making my entry video was very exciting. It involved a lot of research and critical thinking but it was definitely worth it. Throughout the entire process of making my entry video, I focused mainly on narrowing my problem and thoroughly researching my solution. I would say that the hardest part in making my video was to communicate my idea and to test if my solution was feasible or not.

After my entry video was submitted, I started to gain hope that I could actually make the top ten. I was so eager to hear back from 3M; although,  I did realize that the odds were stacked against me. I felt both excited but I also felt nervous because I didn't want to be let down. Although, on the day that we got the phone call, I was shocked--speechless. I had too much energy and excitement to contain. It honestly felt surreal to be chosen.

The journey up to this point has been exciting and rewarding. I am so excited to share my scientific passion with 3M and I am looking forward to the journey ahead.