Amulya - First Post!!

Hi there! I’m Amulya and I live in Pittsburgh. I am so excited to be one of America’s top ten young scientists along with nine absolutely brilliant people.

Ever since I got into middle school, I’ve been getting a lot more homework than I used to, and a lot of it is online. I was getting distracted really easily on the Internet, and it started to affect me. My homework took longer to finish, and I was always tired from staying up late finishing assignments. So I decided to fix that. I created a neurofeedback training tool that uses an EEG headset to monitor your brainwaves. My system alerts the user with a notification and alert noise when the user gets distracted. However, it’s just like a set of training wheels for your bike–it’s meant to help you recognize how, where, and when you get distracted, so you can fix it on your own.

Making my entry video was really fun, but it was tough to get it within the time limit. There was so much I wanted to say, but I had to carefully select a few key things to talk about. This was really hard for me because I felt that everything I wanted to talk about in the video was so important to the project! Eventually I got my script trimmed down and my video was just how I wanted it, but it was really tedious to retake voiceovers and video clips over and over again.

Despite this, I really enjoy filmmaking and editing, so overall the whole process was tons of fun for me! It felt really cool to record myself talking about my project, knowing that a panel of judges from all kinds of fields would watch it!

After I created and submitted my video, I waited with bated breath to hear if I was a finalist. When I got the call, I was so amazed and ecstatic that I screamed! I never expected to hear that I was a finalist. My family was really excited too, and we told everyone we knew: my grandparents in India, my parents’ coworkers, my teachers, and everybody else we could email. Everyone were so happy for me, and I was flooded by congratulatory calls and texts from my friends.

When the call from my mentor finally rolled around, I was really excited, but super nervous too! Luckily my mentor, Dr. Cordell Hardy, was so kind and friendly, not to mention an awesome scientist! It was so cool to be able to talk to a real scientist who used their knowledge to benefit people everyday.

This has been such a great experience so far, and I’m so glad to be a part of it!

Signing off,