Probably the most challenging part of this entire journey was breeding mosquito larvae. At times, there would be no evidence of mosquito larvae in the water. A day later I could come back and there would be hundreds of larvae floating on the surface. Two days later, I could come back and there wouldn't be anything.

Another challenging part of my journey was finding a way of mounting the electronics in a dry, waterproof place onboard the robot. I went through six prototypes trying to do just this!

My favorite part of the process was working with my mentor, Dr. Del. She is so helpful in providing feedback on my ideas. She has taught me what it is like to be a real scientist. She has also inspired my to look at things from different angles and to consider other approaches. I really appreciate her time, help, and guidance.

If I had a chance to do something differently, I definitely would have taken more pictures and video. There are many important experiments that I have no pictures or video of.

I can't wait for the final event in St. Paul! I am so excited to be meeting my mentor and all the other contestants!

Here is a short video which shows me experimenting with mosquito larvae: