Looking back, I believe that this 3M competition has been a great experience for me.

The most challenging part of my project was definitely the experimentation. It took many trials to construct the right model and test its effectiveness. It was not only the most labor-intensive, but stumped me many times when my planned models would not work. Because of these set-backs, I had to refine my experiment by changing the way it was set up multiple times. During the experimentation, I found myself stuck more frequently than I had been at any other point during the project, but that led me to be more creative while brainstorming new solutions. Although it was the most challenging and tedious part of the project, it was also the most rewarding.

On that note, experimenting was my favorite part of working on my project. I built a 3D model of a car using a First Lego League set (which also happens to be sponsored by 3M), and tested my different solutions on it while pouring water on the track of the model car. It was a lot of work, but it was incredibly fun!

I’ve found this 3M Challenge to be a great opportunity for me to learn how to do a hands-on engineering experiment. I really enjoyed making models for carrying out my experiments, especially because it gave me a chance to visually prioritize the different problems hydroplaning causes to a car spinning out of control. This hands-on model allowed me to address certain issues first, thereby hopefully providing a more practical solution to combat hydroplaning. 

I want to take this chance to thank my 3M mentor for guiding me through this challenge. From the beginning when I was brainstorming ideas for a solution, to the final stages of building my model experiment and concluding my project, my 3M mentor guided me through my thought process, and allowed me to come to my own conclusions under his supervision. Working with an industry professional as my mentor has helped me constructively improve my analytical and scientific thinking skills. Thank you to my 3M mentor for being ever so supportive and for your guidance throughout the project!