I have had a great time creating and constructing my project, yet I know there is still a lot more to come! So far, my favorite part was making my prototype. It is taking a lot of effort, but I think I have almost constructed my final project and I can’t wait to have a chance to present it. I’ve gotten so into it that I even spray painted some of it to make it look really cool! Although the project is a lot of fun, there were some difficulties too. First of all, for a long time I was in a bad situation where I had two choices that both sort of failed. I was in this situation of knowing it could work, but did not know exactly how to improve it. It was definitely difficult until both choices started to work out and I was onto something before I just combined both projects into one.

I also had fun collaborating with my 3M mentor, Dr. Caruso. It has been great communicating by email or phone to tell her all about my project and hear her advices. She opened up a lot for me; in fact she is currently helping me trying to find an even better 3M technology that I could use. I have had, am having and surely will be having a great time with this project. It is truly a whole different experience than what I am used to.