Solving a problem without researching is basically impossible. If you don’t research the problem you are trying to solve, your solution may not be new or the best existing solution, and you won't know anything about what you're doing. Researching the problem also gives you an idea of how to solve problem.

The hardest part of gathering information is finding information relevant to your project. The internet is filled with information and you as the researcher have to search for the information that will help you solve the problem and create the solution. It’s important to have a fair amount of background knowledge about the problem in general, and to know everything related directly to your solution.

As I chose to continue my entry project, I also learned that it’s important to keep doing background research as you continue your project. There will always be new information and it’s important to stay updated. After I did my initial background research, came up with my idea, and worked on it, a new device showed up that was similar to my idea. It was important that I found it so I can sure that my device is the best existing solution.

Now I can’t wait to start testing my solution.