Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in previous blogs, I had discovered that my very first solution for hydroplaning had been patented twice before. This is what led me to come to my current solution.

My first idea for a solution that had already been patented is to have a small but powerful fan near the tires of a car to blow away the water on the ground in front of the tire. This idea has been patented, but there are no real world applications of it in production today. This may indicate that this solution is not practical or effective. 

My research this week revolved around finding a new method of removing water on the ground just before the tire hits it as the car is moving forward. Without giving away too many details, I tried several different ideas to create an idea of what devices would be most effective for removing water.

The hardest part of doing this research is finding information that will help me figure out what will be effective and useful in my solution, and figure out how best to combine different elements of this information into one solution. 

I believe there should be as much research done as possible in order to create a possible solution that will work.

On that note, organization is key, for lots of research will uncover lots of data and information. In order to get the most out of this information, scientists should be organized with their data.

Research has played a big role in the development of my current solution, for without doing research, I would not have discovered my first solution had been patented. It forced me to be more creative and hopefully my newly developed current solution will prove to be an effective and practical solution to combat hydroplaning.