Last week I started school, but I still got some research done and even begun experimenting with my idea!

I had been gathering information ever since the webinar to try and see what concepts could work and to create new ideas. I was very interested in the research and any time I had a doubt whether my idea will hold itself, or when I got an idea of using a different material, I would look on the internet and search what other people had done before. For example, I found out that many people are interested in my problem and actually are trying to find the appropriate solution.  It is really great to discover that my idea is standing out from what has been already suggested by professional architectures and designers. I think that without research, the solution to any problem would have been much harder to make and the results could be unrealistic. It’s like walking blinded, having no idea where the wall is.

I personally think that research is one of the most important things in a science experiment. Without research, I am sure that even the smartest scientists could not do a project or make any discovery. I am also certain that it is very important for scientists to be organized in their procedures and take every step seriously and carefully, because if they did not, they might end up losing a very key item in their experiment or they might just blow up the whole room! Throughout the making of my project, I am sure that I can be organized just like a scientist would be!