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Moitri - How It All Progressed

Hello, fellow STEMists!   I hope you all are doing well! It is so hard to believe that this will be my last blog post, and that the final event is right around the corner.

Sarah - Improving Lives with Spark Care+

Welcome back to my blog! I have had an incredible journey developing my device, Spark Care+ with the mentorship of Dr.

Snigtha - The Journey is Almost Over

Hey everyone! Welcome to my final blog post! Here's the final video blog post for the Improving Lives Award: I've had a great time sharing my journey with all of you.

Danielle - An Overview of My Final Project

Hello fellow STEM enthusiasts!  Wow - we are approaching the 3M YSC final event. As the days now turn from summer to having that crisp feeling of Fall in the air, I can't believe this will b

Aadrit - At the Finishing Line

Hello Young Scientists, and welcome to my final blog for this amazing summer adventure.  Today, I will talk with you guys about the importance of improvement through iterations in the scientific