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Sriram - The Flying Connection!

Hello World! I’m excited to share with you the inspiration behind picking my project, and how I incorporated 3M technology in my first video blog! I would really like to thank my mentor for introd

Cameron - Choices and More Choices

Hello, again. I started this step of the project by jotting down a large number of candidate topics.

Theo- Choosing a Problem

Hey there, This is my second blog post during the summer portion of the 3M Young Scientist.

Rishab - Think Big!

Hello everyone! It’s Rishab and I’m back with my second blog post. I can’t believe that it is already week two.


Hello fellow scientists! So begins our exciting 3M mentorship journey to project finalization.

Julia - Narrowing Down the Problems

Hi there! In my second week of my summer mentorship, I've been making observations about problems.  I first had to think of eight problems that I commonly see on the news or that affect my family and

Anna - Catch Three Fish With One Worm

 Hello again!   I have been researching some problems that are happening all around the world and narrowed down my final selection to three possible problems, which are ocean acidification, mercury,