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Tip Tuesday: One Week Left

Are YOU Ready to Share Your Big Idea?! Since there's only one week until the deadline, we'll keep this email short and sweet!

Tip Tuesday: Two Weeks Left!

The Homestretch Is Here...  TWO WEEKS to go until the May 7th deadline!   As exciting as this is, we know the deadline can be stressful.

Tip Tuesday: How to Juggle School & YSC

Time management tips! one month left to enter!   Juggling school and your Young Scientist Project can be tricky...And as the deadline approaches, it's more important now than ever!

Tip Tuesday: Overcoming Roadblocks

Tips for Overcoming Roadblocks!    Writer's block doesn't just affect authors... it exists for scientists, too!

Tip Tuesday: Entry Video Tricks and Tips

Tips For Creating Your Video!  Filming your submission doesn't have to be hard or complicated...A smart phone video will do the trick!

Tip Tuesday: No Fancy Lab Required

What Project Materials Can You Find In Your Home?  Did you think the Young Scientist Challenge required a high-tech lab or expensive science equipment?