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The Scent of an Extinct Flower

The revived scent of a long-extinct flower is a hint of what's to come thanks to the field of synthetic biology.

Indigenous Ways of Knowing

“Science polishes the gift of seeing. Indigenous traditions work with gifts of listening and language.”

Step into the Open House Movement

Open House and Doors Open are exciting annual events in some of our country’s largest cities. They offer insight into what it means to be an architect and everything the field entails.

Leo – Time to Fly!

Hello Scientists and Engineers! The finals are coming up fast.  I’m really excited for the final event and can’t wait to meet my 3M mentor in person and tour the 3M innovation center.  In m

Krish - Last Post :(

Hi all! This is Krish, and I'm here with my final blog post!

Theo-Almost There!

Hey there, Final blog post here. It’s been over three months since the summer mentorship has started, and less than two weeks before the final event.


Greetings Competitors, Mentors and Friends, We have made it. We are at the finish line of this amazing journey.

Rishab Jain - Looking forward to...

Hello everyone! Welcome to my final video blog where I reflect upon my journey thus far and discuss the future. Sincerely, Rishab Jain