September 2016

Rohit Mital - Home Stretch

As we slowly approach the final event in October, I wanted to answer a few questions about how the experience has been.     

Mrinali Kesavadas - Coming to Fruition

Hello fellow scientists, As my summer of new innovation is coming to a close, I think what I liked the most was learning how to overcome scientific challenges in a short period of time.

Kaien Yang - Part 2: Pumpkin Based Bioplastics

Hi everyone! I’d like to dedicate this blog to part 2 of my project, focusing on inventing a technically feasible, commercially viable and biodegradable plastic using pumpkin and the glycerin w

Meghna Behari- A Successful Summer

Hello Everyone! This is my second video blog where I discuss working with my mentor and my experience this summer being apart of the Young Scientists Challenge.      Goodbye for now,

Rohan Wagh - Counting Down the Days

Hello Everybody, This is my first video blog post, In it I talk about the reason behind my project and more on what are fuel cells.  During my video blog, I also learned why dogs are not welcome

Will Paschal - Where I Stand

Here is my first video blog where I talk about how my project is coming along.

Amelia Day - "Grunt Work" and Meeting Experts

These past two weeks I've had meetings with two different experts in the field of physical therapy and did some of the building work on my ball.

Maanasa Mendu-the three Rs of science

Hello fellow scientists, In this video blog, I discuss the 3 r words of science: research, revision, and retrial. ; In addition, I provide a preview into the background and future of my project.