August 2016

Kaien Yang: Part 1 - Pumpkin Based Biodiesel and Glycerin

Hi Science Enthusiasts! I'd like to dedicate this video to the first part of my process to create biodiesel (using pumpkin seed oil), which will help reduce diesel emissions; and glycerin, which w

Amelia Day - Positive Project Progress

These past weeks, I worked on my Raspberry Pi addition, did research, and had a call with several professional scientists.

Rohit Mital - Looking Deeper

We, as scientists, have a duty to solve problems. To solve these problems, we must know what they are, and that's why we do research.

Will Paschal - Experiencing Haiti

Near the end of the summer I took a trip to Haiti with my dad and it completely changed my worldview. Before that trip I had no idea how absolutely blessed we Americans are.

Rohan Wagh - Creating Ideas

Hello everyone, Recently I visited San Diego and Los Angeles in sunny California. I had a great time and enjoyed surfing and visiting the amusement parks in LA.

Meghna Behari- The First Steps

Hi everyone! Here is a picture of me at my first science fair!                   Over three years ago, I was about to enter my first ever science fair.