Gitanjali - Creative work undertaken on a systematic basis: Research

Hello Fellow Scientists,

When I saw the preparation call scheduled for the finals, reality struck me hard that we just have two more months to go and I have to tune my time-management skills with the start of school.

In today’s blog , I will cover a little about the research process. My title is a wikipedia definition of Research and the term "systematic" and "creative" seemed countering each other until I went through the process myself.

Without my effort to research, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Research is one of the most crucial parts of the scientific process and skipping it, does not conclude with good results. There is no absolute way to solve a problem without doing research. However, a little bit of research can change a lot. It doesn’t matter how much research you do, it matters how much quality information you get out of it. Below is a video about my research process.

I would have to say that writing and forming my abstract and research plan helped me tremendously to organize my thoughts and develop a high level timeline. The initial plan helped me identify areas of my strength and improvement. For example, I was very confident of the hypothesis defined , but I knew I had to put in extra effort to acquire a broader knowledge around the materials I proposed and needed reliable sources of information. The sources need not be google, it can be research labs , books, a published paper, etc.  

Without organization, not just scientists, but people in any profession , cannot develop a clear idea on the next steps. Science takes a lot of hard work, focus, and patience and organization plays an important role in being a scientist. While I would like to say that I have planned and organized myself for the entire research process, I’m still not there. I hope to learn more of the planning and organizing in these few months.

My mentor, Dr. Shafer further validated the research plan and my assumptions. She guides me weekly as to where I can continue as per my initial plan and where I need to deviate from it for the benefit of the project.

Until next time,

Gitanjali Rao