Tip Tuesday: Why Do You LOVE Science?

Happy Valentine's Day! From entrants in this year's Challenge, to past winners, mentors, teachers and judges - the entire Young Scientist Challenge community shares a common love for science.

Science is a fun, hands-on way to explore and experience the world around you. While there are things you may not yet know or topics you do not understand, you can combine your curiosity and scientific knowledge to learn about anything! The opportunities are endless - and we think that is pretty cool!

We asked our 2016 Finalists about why they love science and why they participated in The Young Scientist Challenge - click below to watch the full video!

We know you share these finalists' passion for science and that is why we cannot wait to hear from you! Simply, apply yourself to something you are passionate about and your entry video is sure to be a success.

Submit your entry before the April 19th, 2017, deadline.

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