Will Paschal - Beginning the Process

Over the summer I had the priviledge to go on so many trips with my family. I saw a lot of things people in my community don't normally see in my small hometown, and many of those observations I ended up putting in my scientist's notebook. The process of identifying the problem to these solutions was fairly easy, but the hard part was narrowing the problems down to the ones I wanted to solve. After talking with my mentor Jeff, I finally boiled it down to three. Almost immediately the majority of the problems were eliminated out of lack of passion for solving them or just the fact that they would be too difficult to solve with the time at hand. It varied depending on the problem but for the most part, coming up with two solutions for all three of my problems was the hardest part of the process so far. Although, after finishing it I felt satisfied with what I had done. 

Every time I look at the calendar it feels like the final event keeps getting closer and closer, and I'm really starting to get excited. This whole process is probably one of the coolest things I've gotten to do in a really long time. My mentor Jeff and I have had great conversations, and he's even set up phone calls with me and other 3M scientists he's gotten to work with. Just a few weeks ago, I never imagined that I would get to talk to people like the specialists at 3M this early in my life, and the cool thing is they are so willing to help me with this project! I guess that this is yet another awesome thing I've learned about the science community during this experience. Everyone is willing to help everyone, and that's just really cool.