Maanasa - Finding The Ideal Solution

Hello fellow scientists,                                                                                                                                

This past week, I visited the windy city! From the serene lakefront to the crowded Millennium Park, Chicago remains to be a vibrant metropolis rooted in continual development. I visited the Twin Groves Wind farm. Science in action is awesome-it really gives you new perspective.

While staring at the miles and miles of corn fields and the occasional wind turbines, I was awed! Wind power is an intersection of numerous brilliant fields like aerodynamics, electronics, and agriculture-to produce an elegant 3 bladed wind turbine that sustains several homes.

Now, for the exciting news! Drumroll please! Presenting my first video blog: chronicling my adventures in Chicago and the twin groves wind farm. Made exclusively for you guys! I really hope you enjoy this.

This post wouldn't be complete without discussing my project experiences. This week, I started off searching for the ideal solution-that ticked all the boxes. I started to realize solutions are like packages with several benefits and disadvantages

We often think that the greatest ideas and innovations strike suddenly, like a lightbulb moment, but they are actually a result of determination, and the scientific process.

Apart from that I have had to make several tough decisions. If you have ever made a really tough decision, you know how it feels: the numerous possibilities, the endless combinations, and the undecided future.

To ease the process of deciding between various solutions, I used an eMatrix.  I judged my several ideas on different criteria: greatest impact, feasibility, innovation, 3M products, and schedule using numerical values.

The great thing about the young scientist challenge is that you have an amazing mentor to guide you through this journey. My mentor, Mrs. Mitera, has been a great sounding board for future ideas and a great source of inspiration during the process.

Although I have made considerable progress, I have a long journey ahead of me, and I am eager to see what further heights hard work will take my project!

Until next time,
Maanasa Mendu