Amelia Day - So Many Choices...So Little Time!

I remember the process of picking an idea when I was trying to figure out what I would do for my science fair project, and let me just say, it wasn’t easy. I had about 20 ideas (most of them absolutely terrible) and couldn’t really decide on one. I had a bunch of ideas that nobody had any need of, and a bunch that I wouldn’t ever be able to build in my entire lifetime…much less the looming science fair deadline. Not to mention my ideas that even I couldn’t make sense of. Luckily my science teacher came to the rescue by giving me the tip that I was looking for: come up with your project based on something you love. That’s when I had my original idea: a soccer ball that can tell you whether you’ve kicked it correctly or not.

While I was on vacation this week (which was very relaxing, thanks for asking) I did some more research about the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance. I soon found myself understanding both the main concept, and some of the mathematics behind the relationship. I found that my pressure sensor acted as a sort of a switch, which would make encorporating the Raspberry Pi with a Bluetooth sound program into my invention a lot easier.

Since I’ve decided to continue my project I entered into the contest for the final event, I’ve been focusing on developing it to be the best it can be. Right now, I’m working on researching more into how the brain works to know more about the best way to make neural connections. This is so I can use my invention to help people who have lost neural connections through a stroke or other accident to build new neural connections.  I’ve also been researching about the Raspberry Pi. I will admit, I’m not an expert when it comes to programming, so while I’m really excited about this new path I’m hoping to follow, I know it won’t come easily. I still have a lot to learn, but I know I’ll have fun doing it!

My mentor Döne and I have been conversing about how I should test and develop my project for the final event, and she’s helped spark many ideas. She’s been amazing at leading me down the right path for research and thought processes and I’m excited to see what the rest of the summer mentorship will hold!

- Amelia